Bike & Hike

Bike and Hike - that means covering part of a mountain tour by bike and part on foot. We have the perfect equipment for both.



BIKE RENTAL - The sports rental company Sporttraum guarantees experience, service and, above all, top quality.

BIKE SALE - e-bikes. Hardtails. Fullys & E-Fullys as well as well-known kids and ladies bicycles. In the Sporttraum Shop you can get the latest branded bikes for all demands.

BIKE SERVICE We offer daily bike service from specialist staff including individual bike adjustments: various bike check packages & fair value for money.

HIKE RENTAL - Have you already planned your next climbing tour, but you still lack the right equipment? No problem! We also have high quality climbing equipment for hire.

E-bike advantages

The Electric motor serves as Assistance and supports you in Driving uphill. Ideal for your vacation in the mountains of Warth Schröcken.

Also Headwind is with e-bikes no problem.

Unequally trained couples or Families with different fitness levels will love e-bikes!  

Exercise-promoting-health-promoting: In many cases, an e-bike will keep you fitter than a bicycle. Yes, that's right, because: Electric bike owners generally ride 3 times more bikes than normal bike owners. 

Climate friendly: The electric motor of the electric bike is (more) environmentally friendly, it does not cause any direct emissions.

Warth Schröcken

Looking for a mountain summer like it is in a picture book?

In summer, Warth-Schröcken is once again dedicated to alpine mountain sports. Starting with attractive hikes, summit tours, climbing experiences, natural jewels, wild outdoor experiences and much more. Experience an unforgettable time together with the Sporttraum Sportshop. 

Of course, families are also in good hands with us:
Warth-Schröcken is the outdoor Eldorado for young and old - with climbing gardens, flying fox facilities, archery course, high ropes course and lots of natural adventure playgrounds.

What are you waiting for? 

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